Virtual Instructor Led Training


vILT combines the benefits of instructor led or classroom based training with the convenience of a virtual learning environment. Like classroom training, vILT is synchronous learning i.e. a group of people learning at the same time and in real time so it can be interactive and participative. The key difference is that participants and trainer are not in the same physical location.

The benefits to you

  • Live interaction with experienced and qualified instructors
  • Interaction and learning from other participants
  • Dedicated online classroom enables interactive exercises so delegates learn by doing
  • Engaging graphical content can be displayed through the online platform
  • Participation from the comfort of your own home or office
  • Platform independent – delivery on PC and Mac – just need internet access
  • Elimination of travel costs, accommodation and business downtime (usually max 120 minute sessions)

How does it work?

Typically vILT sessions involve participants logging on to a web based conference facility (WebEx, MS Live Meeting, AT&T Connect, Go To Meeting, Skype etc.) where the trainer is able to show them the required visuals for the session and use other tools such as polls, interactive white boards etc. to facilitate greater interactivity and therefore learner engagement. There will also be an audio facility either over the internet or via a separate audio bridge such as a telephone conference facility.