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Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary mission is to empower your workforce to reach their full potential, efficiency and effectiveness.

We equip them with cutting-edge end-user training in Software, AI, and Personal Development.

Yes! All of our courses are fully customisable and can be changed depending on what your business is looking for!

YES! We offer all of our courses virtually and in-person, in both Australia and Internationally!

AI End-User in-person or online training including:

  • AI Transformation Overview
    Introduction to AI definitions, types and applications
  • AI Foundation
    From Hero to Zero. Harness AI to optimise your work environment.
  • Prompt Engineering
    Unleash the power of AI by learning how to create expert crafted direction
  • Time Management with AI
    Enhance your productivity and effectiveness with cutting Edge AI tools

And more!

Some courses include:

  • Business Writing Excellence
  • Presenting with Confidence & Impact
  • Powerful Communication
  • Effective Team Management
  • Expert Team Building
  • Leadership that Inspires

And more!

Some of our courses include:

  • All Microsoft End-user Training
  • Microsoft365
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Modular like 2-hour Pivot Tables & 2-hour Mail Merge….
  • Other Proprietary Software like ECM, OneCouncil

And more!

Yes! We can combine courses, e.g. Time Management with Technology, Business Writing with Technology

And more!


Aurora Consulting Services (ACS) is a dynamic training and consulting company focused on  innovative, targetted training solutions. We provide the premier targeted software and personal development training available. ACS delivers industry leading services by: 

  • Developing new courses 
  • Developing new delivery methods with the latest advances in technology, neuroscience and science 
  • Delivering more value than our competitiors  
  • Transfering the maximum information/skill in the shortest possible time 
  • Using the best memory techniques to ensure the information is retained