Trainer facilitating an AI session

These rates are per Facilitator per Course. The cost is independent of the number of attendees.

Costs for facilitation at your premises or online are based on rates of: 

Investment for Desktop IT training (Apps) 

– Microsoft Office, Microsoft365, Word, Excel, Project, Teams…

Daily Half-Day 2-Hour
$1,400 (ex GST) 
$900 (ex GST) 
$600 (ex GST)

Investment for AI End-User Training

– Transformational Overview, Bootcamp, Prompt Engineering…

Daily Half-Day 2-Hour
$5,000 (ex GST) 
$3,500 (ex GST) 
$2,000 (ex GST)

Investment for Personal Development Training

– Time Management, Presentation Skills, Business Writing…

Daily Half-Day 2-Hour
$2,500 (ex GST) 
$1,800 (ex GST) 
$900 (ex GST)

Investment for Specialist Personal Development Training

– Leadership, Emotional Intelligence …

Daily Half-Day 2-Hour
$3,500 (ex GST) 
$2,500 (ex GST) 
$1,500 (ex GST)

Investment for Expert Courses

– Life Coaching, Mentoring etc;

Varies, please ask for a costing

Attendees: Rates are independent of the number of attendees

Attendees: are encouraged to bring work product to sessions. This encourages relevancy of material and work gets completed in training 

Development: Small to medium development incur no fees 
Large rollouts incur a negligible fee
Very large rollouts incur no fee : )  

Customisations: Free of Charge 

Post Training Email Support: Free of Charge  

General Support: Free of Charge 

Pricing: Pricing is guaranteed for 1 years of acceptance of a quote 

  • All prices are exclusive of GST 
  • Travel costs outside the greater Sydney area are not included 
  • Customisations are relevant to the content, delivery and materials related to training provided by Aurora 
  • General Support denotes your ability to allow all staff access to the Aurora facilitator during breaks or after training for problems solving. It also covers pre/post course support questionnaires, email and teleconferences 
  • All rates are standard, face-to-face or online for ease of calculation