Welcome to our success stories and experiences of our satisfied clients come to life. We take immense pride in the impact our training programs have had on individuals and organizations across various industries. Discover firsthand accounts of how our training have elevated careers, unlocked new possibilities and transformed workplaces. These testimonials are a testament to the effectiveness and value of our services, offering a glimpse into the incredible outcomes that await when you choose to partner with us.

Quote gallery

“Best 1 hour of my it career” –

Uzma Shah- Director Research | Harvard Medical School Dubai Centre (HMSDC)

“The trainer was the best I have had the privilege to have sat in on”

Melissa Tyshing- It Training & Development Manager | Blake Dawson Waldron

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“I have attended many courses over my career, this was the very best.”

Anon | Amadeus

“You are probably aware that I have spent most of my career in the training industry with lots of experience in training evaluation. I don’t think I’ve seen a more polished performance than that delivered by the aurora trainer yesterday. What a find!”

Julie Horlyck- Administrator | Bankstown City Council

“The facilitator has a vast amount of knowledge in desktop applications as well as soft skills such as time management and delegation skills – all feedback is always positive, plus, staff put it into practice” 

Danielle Zietsch- Corporate Learning Centre Lead | Hatch Engineering

“A huge success is your accelerated training method which really guarantees a much better retention of information than any other method I have seen before. Thanks again for being an excellent IT trainer.”

Petra Fischer- Training Manager | Acc

“Thanks so much!  Life changing!”

Belinda Johnson – Waste Education Officer | Wollongong City Council

“The course was fantastic. I emailed all the documents I made during the course to myself to look over and be proud of!! As well as to remember all the different things the software is capable of.” 

Anon- | SAP Analyst Houston Tx

“I loved it. It is not often that I find this kind of training useful and relevant. They had a wealth of knowledge not only for the course topic but also other general things which made the whole course more enjoyable.”

Dennis Green – CFO | Dubia Health Services

“This was the best talk at the library I’ve been to. The best.”

Anon – Randwick City Library | AI Transformation Lecture

“I recently had the pleasure of taking David’s exceptional writing course, I cannot recommend it enough. Start to finish, the course was an absolute game-changer for me as a writer.”

Bohdan Flower- Solution Architect |Randwick City Council

“Superstar! Thanks David – Can’t wait to get you back for more sessions!” –

Jacqui Laing – Senior Talent Advisor ANZ – HR Services| Cushman & Wakefield

“Excellent  delivery, fantastic presentation very practical and meets our requirements and needs.”

Via Racheal Swan – L&D Officer | Randwick City Council

“Thank you for your time yesterday, it was fantastic!”

Raelene Erikson –Finance Manager | Illawarra Area Health District

Your enthusiasm during the day, your passion for your goals has inspired me to take a look at what I am doing and where I want to go.”

Tiffany Brieschke- Pa – Brad Steele | (Gpd) & NEA Civil Team 

“Enthusiasm and vast knowledge of the subject, and humorous asides throughout the day, kept us very focused and interested. I did learn a lot and have been slowly practicing my new skills on our trial database.”

Eric Tsobanis- B.Sc.N., MBA – Co.20 Trial Coordinator |HMRC Clinical Trials Centre

“I actually went home excited about the training session! When does that ever happen?… Sit in a classroom all day and at the end of it want more and feel more invigorated than when you came? (And no it wasn’t the catering and coffee, though that was nice too.)”

Lorrie Mohsen- Health, Safety & Environment Manager | Mt Wilga Private Hospital

“Thank you so much. The course was absolutely terrific!”

Helen MorrisonSustainability Project Officer Community Programs | Randwick City Council

“The trainer is fantastic and makes the learning enjoyable. He is very detailed and always patient with any questions that are thrown at him. I also like the Tips & Tricks he shares which helps save time on Outlook and other Microsoft Apps.”

Renita Aloysius- It Business Engagement Officer | Cumberland City Council

“I have learnt so such… I absolutely love the way you explain and then check to make sure we get it and are on the same page!!! Some people, (YOU) are just good trainers/teachers. Thank you again for the training and being available if we need help 😊”

Susanna Susic- Grants and Administration Officer | Randwick City Council

Summary of virtual training feedback:

  • “Great with tips and tricks, very informative
  • Hit the marks everywhere for the participants
  • Excellent I’ve already put some of the learnings into practise
  • David was very proactive in understanding my needs and focussed on training as appropriate
  • Great facilitator David is. He made the content enjoyable and the sessions on different days flow well
  • Excellent delivery, fantastic presentation
  • Very practical and meet requirements”

Raquel Swan – Learning & Development Officer | Randwick City Council

Just a quick note to say thanks for yet another illuminating and sparklingly entertaining information session.  Unsurprisingly, I was delighted with the new Outlook insights…. and the tip about the ‘natural language’ searching, in particular, were earth-shattering and are in immediate permanent use.

Please feel free to tell whomever is our IT ‘party planner’ for scheduling your services that you’re worth more shekels…! 😊”

Kathy Lewis – Administrative Assistant Regulation & Enforcement | Wollongong City Council

“THANK YOU both for an incredible session today.  I wasn’t planning to stay for the entire session, but I learnt so much and I couldn’t pull myself away! 😊

Summary of Excel feedback:

The team were absolutely BUZZING with enthusiasm after the session today.   I took some snips from our Teams chats post the session – there was a lot of banter around the PC versus MAC, but lots of good feedback David on your great session:

  • It was Awesome
  • Great Session.
  • I actually wish I had done a session like that earlier in life
  • I’ll second that!
  • I’ll third that!!
  • Trainer was great.
  • I absolutely agree, I loved his sense of humour.”

Carolyn Smart – Managed Training Services (MTS) | Chandler Mcleod

Summary of Report Writing feedback:

  • “Excellent! I cannot recommend this course enough.   It has so much immediate benefit.  I think it should be compulsory to all in council
  • Perfect and good to have a trainer that understands our business
  • Really interesting & helpful
  • Very Relevant
  • This was so much more interesting than I thought it would be, and useful
  • It was a very helpful course and the trainer was very knowledgeable.
  • David was brilliant!”

Kim Mukergee – L&D Lead | City of Sydney Council

“Awesome training!!”

Catherine Avero – Early Childhood Services Coordinator | City of Sydney Council

“Superstar! Thanks David – Can’t wait to get you back for more sessions!”

Jacqui Laing – Senior Talent Advisor ANZ – HR Services| Cushman & Wakefield

“I had a comment from the Regional Maintenance Manager saying that feedback he received from some of the people attending was that: ‘the course was one of the best training courses the guys had ever attended’. Thankyou very much for all your hard work.”

Troy Compton – Principal Project Services Manager – Delivery Strategy | RMS

“Services provided by Aurora have been exceptional. David has gone above and beyond to provide a service that adapts to our needs.”

Lesley Kirkland – L&D Officer | City of Sydney Council

“Just wanted to say a big thanks for your session yesterday, the feedback speaks for itself.”

Sunny Gill – Information Services Manager – NSW | Ramsay Health Care

“Instructor was fantastic. Handled class superbly, very knowledgeable, all round great.”

John Stewart – Manager | Sita

“David is a fantastic teacher. He keeps the course entertaining while still sticking to the objective of teaching.”

Catherine Carr – Senior Client Service Officer Specialist | Housing NSW