AURORA Advantage

  • Best of Public and Private
    We understand Councils intimately given 30 years’ experience supporting them. However, we bring the best innovations from the private corporate sector to our public-sector clients. 
  • Aurora has provided training to Councils for 30 years and at Randwick for 15 
    The only way to ensure you stay our client is to endeavour to be the best and innovate. Please see the evaluations or ask Council staff for their feedback on any course they have attended from Aurora 
  • Aurora Experience 
    • Aurora has comprehensive knowledge of Local government operation 
    • State & Federal government  
      We have the experience to deliver to all levels of organisations 
    • Universities and Innovation Institutes 
    • Specific groups 
      • VIPs, councillors, directors and managers 
      • Supervisors and administrators 
      • Staff – indoor and outdoors
      • Special needs staff 
      • Planners 
      • Finance & HR 
      • I.T & Technical staff
      • Engineers…. 
  • Hybrid Training 
    Aurora also combination courses designed to increase people skills with the appropriate technology. For example: 
    • Time Management with Technology – Typically Outlook/Apps/Internet tricks 
    • Presentation Skill tips in Technology – Typically PowerPoint/Prezi/Sway 
    • Business writing with Technology – Typically Word/Audit tools 
  • Blended Training 
    • Our experienced facilitators improve training by blending skill tips when using software. For example: 
      • Business Writing tips in Word 
      • Time Management tips in Outlook 
      • Presentation Skill tips in PowerPoint 
      • Business process/Data analysis tips in Excel 
      • Influence and Persuasion in all the above 
    • Our experienced facilitators improve training by blending Apps tips when learning people skills. For example: 
      • Word in Word Business Writing 
      • Outlook tips in Time Management  
      • PowerPoint tips in Presentation  
      • Excel Tips in Business process Training 
      • Influence and Persuasion in all the above 
  • Efficiency 
    All sessions focus on efficiency and automation. Not just increasing the attendee’s skills levels. Why do anything the slow way? 
  • Customisation 
    • Materials, manuals and content are provided free of charge. Manuals are provided in softcopy for you to print for the purposes of the training delivered by Aurora only 
    • Sessions are assessed and customised ongoing to improve the service and quality of delivery. This is at no cost. It is part of Aurora’s improvement/improvisation philosophy 
  • Guarantee Success 
    Aurora is flexible in working patterns and types. Attendees have unique needs and conditions. Early starters like outdoor workers are at their best in the early morning; their worst after 3pm. Executives are often only available late. Facilitators will start sessions for attendees when conditions are best for attendees 
    • Out of hours delivery
      • Delivery type:
        • Instructor led 
        • On-line/video 
        • Paper based
  • Virtual Company  
    Aurora is a virtual company. We do not maintain large buildings and libraries in the CBD. The reduction in operating costs is directly passed on to our clients. The quality of our provisions is not reduced. It increases our ability to focus on our clients and training